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What is a Brand Ambassador?

TeamRox ambassador takes the opportunity to spread the love of volleyball with a community of like-minded individuals. Whether you are coaching a group of junior athletes, leading the force to create awareness around the sport or cheering the loudest in the stands - you are constantly devoted to grow the game.


Who qualifies as a Brand Ambassador?

The beauty of TeamRox and this program is that it isn't just for athletes. TR wants to encourage those from all areas of the sports world; coaches, athletes, parents, socialites and even those who are just head over heels for our brand!


The Ambassador of TeamRox is a person who has a true passion about the brand and wants to share that passion with the world. Those who have a strong voice on social media and within the sports community will fit perfectly into the TR Family as a new member of the Brand Ambassador Program. 


What are some of the perks?

TeamRox is excited to invite more people into their family of athletes, coaches and players that are dedicated to the brand's journey. By applying for a brand ambassador partnership, you're giving yourself a chance to be a part of the company's bigger picture: developing a sports brand that is more than just spandex and pads.  A company that has developed into a cultural phenomenon that encourages people to reach for their highest potential, push themselves to be the best and to look good while doing it. TR Brand Ambassadors get that with the perks they receive;

Free Gear

Features on our Social Platforms


First looks at our Upcoming Fashion Releases and much more.

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