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Get your little slugger ready for the season with the RIP-IT Play Ball Softball Batting Helmet! This helmet  is made for your daughter who plays T-Ball and Coach Pitch Softball.

With its Gumball Pink mermaid scale and Lavender mermaid scale designs, this helmet is sure to stand out on the field. It pairs perfectly with the Play Ball Fielder's Mask and Backpack, which are also available on You can't go wrong with this helmet!

Product Details

  • $5000 Peace-of-Mind Policy designed for parents who want confidence in their daughter’s batting helmet.
  • For the parent who wants the name-brand helmet that will last multiple seasons. 
  • Designed for ponytails, braids, and a full head of hair while keeping your daughter cool and comfortable.
  • The helmet fits if it covers her ears, she can see out of the cage and doesn’t wobble on her head.

Product Benefits

  • SEI certified. To meet NOCSAE standard.
  • Better visibility. Wider field of view and better peripheral vision than any other fastpitch helmet.
  • Moisture-wicking. Wrapped padding manages dampness and reduces irritation.
  • Ultra-lightweight. Designed to reduce weight without sacrificing strength.
  • Comfortable fit. Dual-layer padding adds protection and form-fitting comfort.
  • Cooling technology. 21 strategically placed air vents keep you cool.

Rip-It Play Ball Softball Batting Helmet

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