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Our Women's Custom Sublimated Long Sleeve Cross Neck Volleyball Jersey is the ultimate in performance and style while the moisture-wicking technology offers exceptional durability. The cross neck design adds a touch of flair to this high-performance jersey, while the custom sublimation process ensures vibrant, long-lasting colors that won't fade or crack. Whether you're serving, setting, or spiking, this jersey will keep you comfortable and looking great on the volleyball court. Rox Volleyball's custom jerseys are the perfect way to stand out and perform your best on the court.



Here is the 411 on ordering Roxamation. 

(Sizing Samples are available ) 

1. You can use our  Design Studio to explore styles and colorways. 

2. Once you have decided on a Style and Colorway, you can email us from the Design Studio and we will forward you a quote or you can contact us 1-877-769-2121 for a full Mock-up to include your logos and team number style for review. A $100 deposit is required for a full mock-up, this deposit will be applied to your order.  

Our design team works to provide you with a mock-up exactly as you want it, but may not always get it perfect the first time.  This is a critical and time-consuming part of the process and we encourage you to secure your designs with our art dept prior to knowing all the details on players sizes and numbers. Having this out of the way will allow our team to quickly move your order into production once we have your Final Roster. 

3. A Fully Sublimated Solid Color Libero Jersey is an optional @ same price to include like Logos and Number Styles. 

4. Included in Pricing:  Logo ~ 2 Locations and 2 Color Numbers  

(Player Names are additional $10.00 per Jersey) 

5. You must submit to us a Complete Roster.

6. Once all jersey sizes and #'s are confirmed and you submit Final Roster to us, your Assigned Designer will send your Design and Roster to you for your Final Blessing. Once we receive your Signed Blessing the 3-4 week production time begins. 

No changes are permitted after 24 Hours of Final Blessing. 

Women's Volleyball Custom Sublimated Long Sleeve Cross Neck Jersey

SKU: VB.1303.W
    • Battle Pro 88% Polyester/ 12% Spandex Material
    • Call Us To Customize 1-877-769-2121
    • Great For Team Orders or Coaches
    • 3-4 Week Production     Made in USA
    • Included Logo ~ 2 Locations and 2 Color Numbers
    • Player Names are additional $10.00 per Jersey
    • No changes are permitted after 24 Hours of Final Blessing.
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